Holy Basil May Be What Your Dog Needs To Beat Separation Anxiety

Dog anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes.

Many Valida Pets™ customers say their dog barks like crazy, or destroys furniture whenever they leave the house. This hyperactive behavior is easy to spot.

Unfortunately just as many dogs suffer from extreme depression whenever their owner leaves the house. This is much tougher to spot, but just as painful for our beloved pups. A depressed dog becomes lethargic, overly tired, and much less playful.



Either hyperactive or depressed, dog anxiety has got to go.

Enter Holy Basil, or Tulsi. This herb has roots (excuse the pun) in thousands of years of eastern medicine. Herbalists use this powerful plant to treat dog anxiety, and science now proves it's a powerful solution for doggy stress.

This plant can be considered an "adaptogen". Many medical professionals and herbalists agree that an adaptogen is any herb or substance than alters the body's ability to respond to stress for the better.

How specifically does this herb help a dog respond to stress?

Well it all comes down to the HPA axis.

"Why didn't I think of that!? Of course it's the HPA axis," I can hear you thinking...

Just kidding. This writer didn't know what the HPA axis was either until writing this article.

HPA stands for hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal axis. Hypothalamic represents the portion of our brain that regulates stress. Pituitary represents our pituitary gland responsible for regulating hormones in the body. Adrenal glands produce our dog's stress hormones, helping our dogs' bodies respond to stress in their environment.

These three organs work together to maintain balance for our dog's hormones and stress response.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping at night? Chances are it's connected to an imbalance in your HPA axis. The phrase "Tired and wired" comes to mind. This is an incredibly similar experience to our dogs' chronic and severe separation anxiety.

It's very easy for this HPA axis system to get out of balance. Why? Because our dogs are designed to live in nature and rely on a large pack family structure to help them survive. They aren't designed for the loud noises, constant stimulation, and prolonged isolation of our modern society.

Thank goodness for the ingenuity of Mother Nature to provide us with a remedy for our dog's imbalanced stress!

From Ayurveda To Clinical Research

While Holy Basil found wide acceptance in medical practice of Eastern cultures, our Western society is just now beginning the study the effects of Holy Basil on dogs.

The research is incredibly promising. The data shows huge benefits to dogs' stress response, but that's not all.

The data also shows improvements in inflammation, blood pressure, and even the immune system. This means pain from common disorders like asthma or arthritis can be soothed with this herb as well.

Not only will Holy Basil help your dog cope with stress, it will also reduce their pain and improve their overall well-being.

What can Holy Basil do for my dog?

  • Improve stress response and relieve anxiety
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce pain from inflammation
  • Safe for animals with auto-immune disease
  • Support healthy skin and hair
  • Help reduce blood pressure
  • Relieve gastric distress

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To view our data and resources on Holy Basil to support this article, please view our Science & Formula page.