Ready to heal dog separation anxiety using the reference point method?

The benevolent behaviorist has done it again! In the video below Cesar shares his experience with the Point of Reference method of soothing your dog's separation anxiety.

He takes special note to train the human before the dog, per typical dog whisperer fashion.

Keys to this dog training include:

  • Recognize your dog is a pack animal, and you're the alpha.
  • Dogs in the wild are always with the pack. If they're ever alone, something is seriously wrong.
  • Asking a dog to be alone is asking them to do something unnatural.
  • Dogs are very smart and can learn to be alone, especially if you give them a good reason!
  • The best reason for a dog to practice being alone is that you've created a social game, and show them you're happy when they sit still.
  • Mood is contagious, so bolster your patience to stay calm and encouraging. 🤗

Without further ado, please enjoy this fantastic advice from Cesar Milan!

Separation anxiety in dogs is similar to panic attacks in humans. They become so emotionally overwhelmed by your absence, it triggers a very real physical response.

Many experts recommend giving your dog an anxiety relieving chew while training, to help curb their anxiety. Some studies have even shown that dogs who receive anxiety relievers during training are 40% more likely to improve their anxiety.

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Please note we are not sponsored by or endorsed by Cesar Milan. We just love his advice!