This is how L-theanine can help your dog

Got pet separation anxiety? You're not alone.

Solutions exist, but some of them aren't very good.

For instance, prescriptions can leave your pup lethargic and dopey. This is because prescription anxiety medications for dogs contain relaxants and sedatives.

Many dog owners don't like seeing their pet drowsy and sluggish.


This leads many down the "natural route" looking for remedies not found in prescriptions, but that still work like a charm.

And this road leads to L-theanine.

This powerful all natural amino acid was originally discovered in green tea. It rose this distilled tea extract to rapid popularity in Japan in the 1960s for the state of calm awareness it helped provide. This began L-theanine's life as a powerful supplement for increasing relaxation and improving well-being.

The state of alert calm brought on by this supplement was recently observed with brain scans (EEG). The scans showed increased alpha waves, similar to those observed in people who are meditating. The people being studied didn't report drowsiness or tiredness. The EEG showed normal levels of theta waves, which confirmed to the researchers how someone might feel calm and alert yet not tired.



But does this work for dogs?

Absolutely. Studies have shown that dogs who take L-theanine regularly show raised alpha waves and demonstrate calm alertness.

This is wonderful news for anyone with a hyperactive and anxious dog! Let the relaxation begin...



The many benefits of L-theanine

As with many natural remedies, the benefits are manifold. Researchers reported the following benefits:

  • Improved mental focus
  • Improved sleep
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Improved brain function
  • Weight loss
  • Boost the immune system
  • Lower blood pressure

That said, if your pet is on blood pressure medication be sure to speak to your veterinarian before using L-theanine.


What if my dogs eats the whole jar at once!?

Don't sweat it. Overdosing on L-theanine doesn't hurt your pet. Studies have searched for the "unsafe amount" of L-theanine, and came up dry. This means even when massive amounts of this compound are taken, only the positive benefits are felt.

So if your pup is hungry for his treats, and helps himself, don't fret! He'll be calm, alert, and in great health all afternoon. No need to rush to the vet.

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