4 Powerful (And Natural!) Anxiety Relievers You'll Never Hear About From Your Veterinarian

Safe, effective, and clinically proven to relieve all levels of dog anxiety. Don't wait to help your dog recover from debilitating anxiety, not when

Relief Is One Treat Away!

How can this work so well?

Because over 15 clinical studies have proven these ingredients aggressively heal the underlying physical causes of stress. This includes:

  • Reduce cortisol by 27.9%, the primary stress hormone.
  • Cool off overly sensitive neuroreceptors that communicate stress signals.
  • Provide vital aminos to build a reservoir of nutrients to support the nerves.
  • Build stress resistance to buffer your dog's anxiety attack triggers.

All this, and your dog will not feel drowsy or groggy. That's because I worked hard to avoid any sedatives.

Sedation, like many popular oils floating around these days, only serve to mask the problem. We want to heal your dog... For good.

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Bubbles my golden retriever had the worst separation anxiety but 3 weeks after we started Valida she has stopped crying when I leave.


Tiffany F.
He stopped crying when I go to work! Thanks so much Valida.


John B.
My puppy absolutely destroyed the house whenever I left. Then when I crated him he destroyed everything in the crate. Not anymore! Thx Valida


Melissa H.
When I came home I never knew what my pitbull was going to tear up next. After seeing a vet they recommended Valida. This product is a miracle.


Brandi S.
Honestly don't know how we got along before these chews. My Pom stopped freaking out when visitors come over. (2 weeks in)


Joe S.

Mother Nature designed the ultimate anxiety cure

And it was inside your dog all along. These 4 natural ingredients unlock your dog's own ability to heal from extreme stress and anxiety.


  • Reduces cortisol up to 27.9%, the primary stress hormone.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Improves energy and concentration.


  • Natural chemical produced by the brain.
  • Blocks stress receptors from receiving surplus stress signals.
  • Reduces anxiety without causing drowsiness.
  • Long lasting effects can include improved sleep patterns.


  • Amino acid commonly found in green tea.
  • Used for over 1,000 years in natural medicine.
  • Provides essential building blocks for vital nutrients, proteins, and amino acids.
  • Affect the chemicals in the brain associated with mood, sleep, emotion, and stress

Holy Basil

  • Greatly improves stress resistance.
  • Reduces hormonal and chemical response to stress.
  • Boosts immune system in addition to nervous system.
  • Reinforces long lasting wellness in your pup.

Are you ready to try something new to heal your dog's anxiety?

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A personal note from the founder:

If this product doesn't relieve your dog's anxiety, please contact us for a full refund.

If a product doesn't work for my pup Reef, then I expect a full refund. This is why I offer the same to you and your dog. You should expect nothing less of my company--and that's why I'm proud to stand by my products.

In this fast paced digital world it's easy to lose track of what's important. For me and the entire Valida team, the most important thing is our customers and the pets that they love.

The Anxiety Relief Soft Chews should provide stellar improvements in your dog's anxiety behaviors and stress response. Please reach out to us if you experience anything different.

You can reach us at paws@validapets.com to update us on your dog's progress.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to healing your dog's anxiety,
James Paine, Founder
Valida Pets

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