How 1 Dog Dad Got "Fed Up" & Brought Thousands Of Dog Lovers Relief From Dog Separation Anxiety With A Shocking Natural Remedy

If you love your dog but feel overwhelmed by constant barking, whining, and chewing from separation anxiety...

Keep reading because I'm about to tell you about long lasting relief, and the story that changed my connection with my dog forever.

Hi I'm James, and it all began with a desire to sooth my dog's intense anxiety.

My friend John called me one day, and told me how his dog hid under the bed. For 3 days on end.

She didn't eat. She barely drank a sip of water. She refused to walk with the dog sitter.

You see John was called away on an urgent work trip and absolutely could not bring Bella with him. That's when Bella had a severe panic attack.

John knew Bella had separation anxiety because she would bark and whine whenever he left the house on an errand. She would pee inside and chew up the molding on the front door.

Bella isn't allowed in the bedroom, and John began sleeping downstairs on the couch beside her just to get some peace and rest.

Her anxiety got worse and worse with anything he tried. He started hiring dog walkers for her during the daytime.

She got to the point where she wouldn't walk with anyone but John. She wouldn't relieve herself with anyone but John. She wouldn't eat unless he was home.

John purchased a supposedly natural anxiety relief chew. That night Bella had extreme diarrhea. It was so bad that he woke his vet at midnight with an emergency phone call. She said Bella had a negative reaction to the poor quality ingredients in the chew.

When the vet recommended an anti-depressant for Bella's anxiety, John said, "Absolutely not!"

He didn't want her addicted to a prescription for the rest of her life.

When the urgent 3 day work trip came up, he knew he couldn't leave Bella alone. He hired a dog sitter to watch her—but it didn't help.

After our conversation I could not stop thinking about poor Bella.

Why can't you find quality & natural anxiety relief for dogs?

40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and yet none of the popular remedies are backed by science or clinical studies.

The numbers simply don't add up.

Is there some unwritten rule that dog anxiety relief must be lower quality than human products? Are there no scientists trying to solve this problem?

I became so frustrated that I began reading all the research on natural remedies for dog fear and anxiety.

The problem was unacceptable, somebody had to do something.

I began to talk to companies who make products for dogs. I told them what I wanted: A dog anxiety relief with human-rated ingredients and the best quality available.

That's when they laughed at me through the phone.

"Nobody is making these products, because they're too expensive to produce. Why would you make high quality products when everyone else is using cheaper ingredients?" they asked.

That's all I needed to hear. I was furious—and at the same time excited. Why? Because I realized...

It's possible to create powerful, 100% natural, and completely healthy anxiety relief for our dogs.

I was just going to have to do it myself.

After many months of painstaking research, I discovered a company who would help me produce human quality products for dogs.

At first they hesitated to help because they specialized in products for people, and held an FDA Certification. I told them my mission to help cure dog anxiety for good, and they got on board 110%.

I chose only the most potent ingredients with no side-effects. It was the cleanest formula they had ever seen. After years studying all the clinical research on dog anxiety, I was finally ready for...

Trial by fire.

Or should I say, trial by Bella.

I gave John a 1 month's supply of the anxiety relief soft chews. I instructed him to give her one dose per day and carefully monitor her symptoms.

I crossed my fingers and prayed. At this point 2 years of work came down to 1 dog's picky appetite.

First, she loved the chicken flavored treat. No peanut butter or wet food was required to hide the taste. She thought she was getting a reward for good behavior.

Second, she had plenty of energy. She didn't go crazy or get drowsy. She didn't have any nasty side effects.

2 weeks later something amazing happened.

John left for the grocery store and didn't hear any barking or whining. When he returned home, Bella was happy to see him. But there was no destruction, no chewing, and no pee on the floor.

The soft chews had worked. And in only 14 days.

Imagine for a moment, you leave the house and:

  • Your dog isn't whining or crying
  • There's no scratching at the front door
  • There's no surprise "accidents" waiting for you on the floor
  • You're relaxed because you know your dog is calm
  • You can actually focus on the errands you need to run


This is the turning point in your dog's anxiety.

Together we can make a difference in your dog's life. We can give them the gift of peace, and give you the gift of confidence and rest.

The anxiety relieving power of these chews comes from 4 natural ingredients:

✅ Ashwagandha
Reduces cortisol by up to 27.9%, primary stress hormone.

✅ Holy Basil (Tulsi)
Reduces hormone and chemical response to stress.

Prevents stress receptors in the brain from getting too much stress.

✅ L-theanine (From green tea leaves)
Helps chemicals in the brain for mood, sleep, emotion, and stress.

Over 15 scientific studies have proven their effectiveness. *

Side Effects

There are virtually no negative side effects.

Your dog will experience increased alertness and a longer attention span. Pain will decrease due to reduced inflammation. Your dog will get sick less often due to the immune system boost.

Your dog should show reduced anxiousness in 2 weeks, and the benefits grow with time. 

Warning: your dog may become so relaxed and happy that you don't recognize them anymore.

Ready for relief from dog anxiety that's all natural, and proven by science?

$54 single bottle | $37.80 monthly refill
claim 30% monthly savings

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee  

If the chews don't work for your dog, then you shouldn't have to pay for them.

Simply email me and my team at and we will issue you a prompt refund, no questions asked.

This is the level of service I expect for me and my own dog Reef—so I offer the same to you and your pup.

If you choose a monthly refill you can cancel at any time. We make it very easy. Email us at or cancel the subscription through our online portal. You will receive an instant notification of the cancellation for your records.

I can't wait to hear how our dog recovers from their anxiety,
James Paine
Dog Dad, Founder
Valida Pet

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Bubbles my golden retriever had the worst separation anxiety but 3 weeks after we started Valida she has stopped crying when I leave.


Tiffany F.
He stopped crying when I go to work! Thanks so much Valida.


John B.
My puppy absolutely destroyed the house whenever I left. Then when I crated him he destroyed everything in the crate. Not anymore! Thx Valida


Melissa H.
When I came home I never knew what my pitbull was going to tear up next. After seeing a vet they recommended Valida. This product is a miracle.


Brandi S.
Honestly don't know how we got along before these chews. My Pom stopped freaking out when visitors come over. (2 weeks in)


Joe S.

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