Valida Anxiety Relief Soft Chews

Help heal panic attacks and separation anxiety.

$54 per bottle$0.90 per day

About The Product

  • Form: soft chews
  • Contains 60 chews
  • Product Weight: 120g
  • Storage: keep in a cool dry place
  • For Dogs Only



Reduces cortisol by up to 27.9%, primary stress hormone.


Helps chemicals in the brain for mood, sleep, emotion, and stress.

Holy Basil

Reduces hormone and chemical response to stress.


Prevents stress receptors in the brain from getting too much stress.

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Daily Dosage Instructions

  • Dogs 5 - 20 lbs we recommend 1 chew
  • Dogs 21 - 50 lbs we recommend 2 chews
  • Dogs 51 lbs+ we recommend 3 chews
  • In the first week, we recommend using half dosage.
  • We recommend adhering to the dosages above and not exceeding them.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying

5 reviews of 250+, average 4.8 stars

Stella is so much calmer and relaxed now that we tried your soft chews. She thinks they are treats and looks forward to getting one.


Mike B.
I started to see results, within the first 10 days! My puppy separation anxiety has reduced a lot! Before I could hear her whining and barking as soon as I closed the door and all the way to the parking lot! Now she looks calm before I leave and the whining and excessive barking has stopped , and also no more complaints from the neighbors!!


Mike M.
Gotta love when a product actually works! Utah, my pug, loves these treats and I can really see a difference in his anxiety. Highly recommend.


Glenda M.
I knew as soon as I opened the package I picked a winner. A great company that obviously cares. The product worked great. Gave two chews 30 minutes before leaving to my pup and it definitely reduced his separation anxiety. Sometimes I would also use them for when I could tell he was stressed out and they worked great for that too!


James O.
I am thrilled with the anxiety chews from Validpets. I have a lab and she gets separation anxiety when we leave. Validapets has created a product she likes and works to keep her calm in our absence. The packaging is adorable too - a bonus!


Maria P.
Bubbles my golden retriever had the worst separation anxiety but 3 weeks after we started Valida she has stopped crying when I leave.


Tiffany F.
He stopped crying when I go to work! Thanks so much Valida.


John B.
My puppy absolutely destroyed the house whenever I left. Then when I crated him he destroyed everything in the crate. Not anymore! Thx Valida


Melissa H.
When I came home I never knew what my pitbull was going to tear up next. After seeing a vet they recommended Valida. This product is a miracle.


Brandi S.
Honestly don't know how we got along before these chews. My Pom stopped freaking out when visitors come over. (2 weeks in)


Joe S.

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