Anxiety Relief Soft Chews

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Give your pup the gift of instant calm with this Valida Oil For Dogs.

  • Immediate relief
  • Soothes intense nerves
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

One bottle contains 500MG of high quality Valida Oil formulated specifically for dogs.


100%_Guarentee FDA_Certified_Facility Gluten_Free Made_With_Love Manufactured_in_the_USA Natural_ingredients

Benefits Of Our Anxiety Relief Soft Chews For Dogs
  • Naturally Relieve Dog Separation Anxiety: We spent years researching the absolute healthiest ingredients to naturally heal separation anxiety.
  • Happier & Healthier Puppy: Herbs and naturally occuring amino acids support your dog’s own stress response in the nervous system.
  • Helps Heal Doggie Depression: We made this chew to treat the underlying cause of anxiety and not just mask symptoms by sedating your pup.
  • Stops Canine Stress: Better stress response and a healthier nervous system improves your dog’s quality of life and helps them resist anxiety in future stressful situations.
Daily Feeding Guide For Anxiety Relief Chews
  • For dogs 5 - 20 lbs we recommend 1 chew
  • For dogs 21 - 50 lbs we recommend 2 chews
  • For dogs 51 lbs+ we recommend 3 chews
  • We recommend adhering to the dosages above and not exceeding them.

Product Facts

Form: Chews

Product Weight: 120g


Store in a cool dry place. Keep the lid closed when not in use.

For Dogs Only


About Our Anxiety Relief Chews

With great love and consideration, we formulated our herbal supplement. Unlike our competitors, we’ve carefully crafted our product with natural ingredients and aminos. Our dogs love nothing more than spending time with us. We know that when we leave for work or on vacation, separation anxiety sets in. Rest assured, your dog will never go another day feeling uneasy about when you might return. We believe every dog deserves a happy life.


Our Anxiety Relief Ingredients



Studies show l-theanine not only boosts the body’s ability to regulate stress, but also improves focus and protects the body from disease. L-theanine is able to improve and support multiple areas of the body and mind at once, making it incredibly powerful and efficient as an ingredient.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil

Studies show holy basil can lessen the harmful effects of stress by lowering the hormonal and chemical responses from the body. While not eliminating stress entirely, the herb aids the mind in adapting to stress and how to handle it. Holy basil is also shown to boost immunity, supporting the body’s ability to fight off disease. With these effects together, holy basil is used in our supplements to support your dog’s overall wellbeing by supporting a healthy response to stress and building immunity.



Studies show GABA as the main inhibitor to neurotransmitters in the brain. With its inhibitory effects to those cells, reactions to stress and anxiety are lessened without causing any unwanted side effects like drowsiness. Since it is found naturally in the brain, it seamlessly works with the interactions already found, not affecting focus or concentration.



Several studies show ashwagandha is able to stop stress from reaching high levels by reducing cortisol levels in humans and animals. Other studies have shown it is also able to improve energy and concentration. These effects combined create an incredibly useful ingredient, making ashwagandha a fantastic resource to prevent anxiety and stress in dogs while simultaneously improving focus, energy levels, and overall mood.

How To Use Our Anxiety Relief Chews


For Dogs Only. Start with half the recommended dosage on a daily basis.


Gradually increase to the full recommended dosage amount as needed.


Monitor your dog’s stress response. Continue use as needed until anxious behavior is absent for 7 days.


1. How old must my puppy be before using the Anxiety Relief Soft Chews?

A dog of any age or weight may use the Anxiety Relief Soft Chews. For pups under 5 lbs consider cutting the treats in half as this dosage may still be effective. For any questions or concerns consult your veterinarian and be sure to bring your Valida bottle in so they can appreciate the ingredients.

2. How quickly does this product arrive?

We strive to ship all orders the day the order is received. Due to limitations with teleportation technology your product may take up to a week to arrive at your doorstep. (But we’re working on that). We send prompt shipping alert emails and text messages, so be sure to check your inbox.

3. Are the chews grain and gluten free?

Our chews are indeed gluten free, and we worked hard to make it so. The product does contain some grain derivative products such as canola oil and chickpea flour. See our full ingredient list for more information.

4. How many snacks come in a single jar?

There are 60 chews in each jar.

5. Are the Anxiety Relief Soft Chews safe for dogs with kidney disease?

We carefully formulated this product to be as pure and natural as possible for your pup. Each ingredient is something a dog might encounter naturally in the wild, or aminos naturally produced by their own nervous system (Gaba). If you have any concerns whatsoever please consult your vet with our ingredient list in hand.

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